Thursday, February 22

What I've learned in 50 years.

If you have a partner, being kind is the most important thing.
It is impossible to be kind every day, so also be forgiving.

Regularly drinking to excess is bad for you.
Drinking at all is bad for a lot of people.

You can get a decent electric bas sound from any reasonably in-tune instrument.
Practice, and roll the highs off.
It helps to get a good drummer.

Family is who and what you make it.

DC makes better comic books.
Marvel makes better movies.

Music is the best.
Sometimes it's not enough.

Kids are awesome.

There are three reasons to take a gig: you are getting paid, you are learning, or it's a fun hang.

Listen more than you speak.

Being smart is overrated.
Maintain don't-know mind.

Learn to cook.

No one reads the New Yorker.

Saturday, February 10

Meditation Parable

Master, the new temple is beautiful, but there's a train that passes by and disturbs my meditation.

         Tell, me, is this train inside or outside your mind?

Outside, of course.


        Picture a grey, round rock, a boulder larger than your self.


        Tell me, does this rock exist inside or outside your mind?

Inside, of course.


        Are you sure? There are many rocks just like it in this world.

But this one exists only in my mind.

        Tell me, how much does this rock weigh?

I have no idea. A lot.

        Then why are you carrying it around with you? If you carry this boulder around, you will only hurt your back. You can put it down. You can let it simply dissolve.


Thank you, master.