Monday, March 30

Maurice Jarre is no longer with us

The film composer, known for the "Witness" soundtrack and countless others, has died at age 84. So it goes.

Monday, March 23

If you like pina coladas

The New York Times has an interesting column about how your choice of drink reflects on you and how people order their adult beverages for fear of judgment.

I don't live in such fear. I'm more of a beer and wine person, with the occasional margarita or gin and tonic in the summer. I also enjoy a Franko martini on the happy occasions that he and I are in the same location. I have yet to drink a White Russian.

Wednesday, March 18

Ron Paul gets punked

As if being chided by us wasn't enough, now the former presidential candidate is a target of seduction in the upcoming "Bruno" movie.

Oh, Ron Paul. Will you ever win?

Tuesday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Dullards!

Drink a Guinness on the brewery's 250th anniversary.

Saturday, March 14

Happy Pi Day, Dullards!

Pi is good. So is House of Pies, and so is Pie Town, New Mexico.

Friday, March 13

"Seinfeld" cast to be curbed

The core cast from "Seinfeld" will appear on several episodes of the next season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." No word on when that season will begin airing, however.