Wednesday, December 31

Putting the "mod" in "moderate consumption"

To be someone must be a wonderful thing.

Wesley Crusher on Scrabble

I've been a bit obsessive about the Scrabble app on Facebook. No quarter is expected, and none is given, even to my lovely wife who identifies all-too-closely with Wil Wheaton.

Aimee Mann's Xmas Carol

Haven't viewed it yet, but it looks to be awesome.

Sunday, December 28

Eartha Kitt is no longer with us

The singer-actress-Catwoman has died at age 81. Read all of the year's obituaries of the great and near great here.

Wednesday, December 24

Monday, December 22

Makin' kraken

This online tool lets you build your own personal squid.

Friday, December 19

Nurse Chapel is no longer with us

Majel Roddenberry, who portrayed the mini-skirted nurse in the original "Star Trek," has died at age 76. She was also the voice of the ship computer.

Thursday, December 18

Review: "Slumdog Millionaire"

If you like "Lost," you will love "Slumdog Millionaire."

The movie shares the conceit as the TV show of various coincidences (or are they?) told in flashback, leading us to the make-or-break moment where love may or may not triumph. In addition, "Slumdog" advocates the idea that streets smarts may be better than book learnin'. It all works especially well thanks to director Danny "Trainspotting" Boyle and a groovy, Mumbai-infused soundtrack.

DULLARD RATING: Rocked! Even the top critics are with us.

Friday, December 12

Dolphins love wearing football helmets

I love the fact that the Miami Dolphins have retained their core identity for their team logo. Nothing says kick-ass football like a dolphin wearing a helmet, even if the team stinks.

This list of uniform changes gone awry in pro sports gets it right. New England fumbled away a perfectly good logo when it got rid of the patriot hiking a football, and Tampa Bay should have kept the pirate with a dagger in his mouth.

Bettie Page is no longer with us

The famed pinup of the 1950s has died at age 85. In her later years, she seemed affably baffled by her success.

Wednesday, December 10

Happy birthday, Doom!

The first-person shooter was released 15 years ago today.

Tuesday, December 9

Monday, December 8

We remember Lennon

John Lennon was shot 28 years ago today. We've discussed this sad anniversary before, so this year, we hand the mic to Howard Cosell.

Wednesday, December 3

This aggression will not stand, man

A New York Times article notes the cool factor of the White Russian, some 10 years after the Dude drank them in "The Big Lebowski."

DULLARD TAKE: Despite several viewings of "Lebowski," I still haven't tried a White Russian. I look forward, however, to a movie that makes white zinfandel cool again. Or maybe rum and Coke. It worked for White Russians...