Thursday, November 27

Tuesday, November 18

Your first Bond?

What was the first Bond movie you saw?

Mine was "The Spy Who Loved Me," which I enjoyed at the Interstate Six Theater. As a 10-year-old, I was spooked by Jaws and smitten with Barbara Bach.

See them in action here.

Friday, November 14

Is your cat trying to kill you?

Or merely biding its time until it ultimately decides to kill you?

Tuesday, November 11

Moore disses the modern Bond

Roger Moore of 007 fame doesn't like the violence in the recent James Bond movies: "My Bond was a lover and a giggler."

DULLARD TAKE: This reminds us to add Moore to the list of people who have been old for as long as we've been alive. Thanks, Roger!

Sunday, November 9

'Opus' is no longer with us

The comic strip comes to an end about five years after its much-hyped debut. Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed indicates that the titular character could live on, however.

DULLARD TAKE: "Bloom County" was great in the 1980s as it positioned itself as "Doonesbury" with an edge. But "Opus" never really worked, and perhaps it's best that the penguin retire once and for all.

Tuesday, November 4

You heard it here last

Obama wins. If you are pleased with this result, cut loose like the Ewoks would.

Famous people who have always been old

Let's face it: Some of us Dullards aren't getting any younger. Yet there are many famous people who have been old for as long as we've been alive.

Here are some of those people. To qualify for the list, each person has to be 1) alive 2) noteworthy 3) commonly perceived as "old" for the past 30-odd years.
  • Bea Arthur, actress
  • Ed Asner, actor
  • Ernest Borgnine, actor
  • Helen Gurley Brown, writer
  • Robert Byrd, senator
  • Dick Cavett, writer and TV personality
  • Walter Cronkite, TV anchor
  • Richard Dawson, game show host
  • Phyllis Diller, comedian
  • Hugh Downs, TV anchor
  • Betty Ford, former First Lady
  • Billy Graham, evangelist
  • Jack Klugman, actor
  • Jack LaLanne, fitness freak
  • Christopher Lee, actor
  • Karl Malden, actor
  • George McGovern, politician
  • Roger Moore, actor
  • Harry Morgan, actor
  • John McCain, politician
  • Ed McMahon, TV sidekick
  • Andy Rooney, commentator
  • Mickey Rooney, actor
  • Daniel Schorr, journalist
  • Margaret Thatcher, former leader of Great Britain
  • Helen Thomas, journalist
  • Abe Vigoda, actor
  • Barbara Walters, TV anchor
  • Betty White, actress
  • John Wooden, basketball coach
  • Bill Wyman, bass player

Monday, November 3

Confidential to cowardly sign thief

Hey Asshat,

I appreciate that you are a supporter of Prop 8, and respect your right to be wrong on that issue. But stealing the No on 8 sign out of my yard is actual suppression of my right to free speech. I assume you are a good Christian who opposes gay marriage on religious grounds -- but I'd like to point out that your own God probably would not want you stealing signs in order to win an election. In fact, I believe He wrote you pretty specific instructions about such behavior. Perhaps you didn't get the original memo, as it was written in stone and doesn't travel easily. But even I, a godless heathen, have been forwarded a copy of it and I suggest you start working on some serious CYA before your next meeting with Him.

That is all.