Thursday, July 31

Weird scenes from midtown Manhattan

A spooky bunny fountain that sprays water from its eyes.

Possible explanation here.

Wednesday, July 30

Happy birthday, Kate Bush!

The British songstress, presumably still running up that hill to make a deal with God, turns 50 today. The BBC marks the occasion with this article and slideshow.

Tuesday, July 29

Byrne-Eno reunite

A new album by David Byrne and Brian Eno is coming out soon, their first get-together since "My Life In the Bush of Ghosts" from 27 years ago. A Byrne tour, featuring his work with Eno, will follow.

The Guardian tells us more, and you can sign up for a free tune at the official site of the collaboration. Or just watch the video from the man himself.

Monday, July 28

Shaq loves Mac

A Facebook friend who lives in Orlando reports:

"The Shaq himself is shopping around in the Millenia Mall Apple store. He came out from behind the Genius Bar and is kinda hard to miss."

Can you dig it?

Sunday, July 27

Not enough believers

The new "X-Files" movie has apparently cratered, bringing in a meager $10 million on its opening weekend in the U.S. The reviews ain't great either.

Maybe Chris Carter shouldn't have bothered. At least we tried to warn him.

UPDATE: Week 2 was no kinder at the box office. Sculder pulled in just over $3 million. "Space Chimps" actually had a better per-screen average.

Friday, July 25

Wotta douchenozzle

Former gameshow host, failed actor, and Nixon apologist Ben Stein hops on the GOP talking points train by trying to get you to associate Obama with Hitler this week, rather than with JFK.

I'm not saying that as a Jew, Ben Stein of all people should think twice before trivializing the horrors committed by the Nazi regime in order to score a few cheap political points. I'm just saying that as an alleged human being, he needs to be served a hot steaming cup of STFU and never darken our national political discourse again.

The Dark Kannnnnniggit


That Joker was freakier 'n hell.



The balcony is closed. Roger Ebert offers a nice reminiscence.

Friday, July 18

Sing and drive

In the early days of music video, driving around Los Angeles was visually sufficient to be on TV. Here's a look at three videos that do just that:

"There Must Be Some Misunderstanding"
ARTIST: Genesis

WHAT IS THE PLOT? Sad-sack Phil Collins wants to make up with his special lady, who has moved on.

IS THE CAR AN OLD CONVERTIBLE? Yes, with Collins at the wheel. The other two band members ride in the back of an old pickup truck.

DO THEY STOP ALONG THE WAY? Yes, at a vacant drive-in movie.

HOW DOES THE VIDEO BETRAY ITS AGE? Collins uses a phone booth. He also has hair on his head and a scratchy-looking beard.

WHAT L.A. LANDMARKS CAN BE SEEN? Capitol Records Building, Hollywood Boulevard, Grauman's Chinese Theater.

HOW DOES IT END? The band plays morosely with the Hollywood hills as a backdrop.


SONG: "Our Lips Are Sealed"
ARTIST: The Go-Gos

WHAT IS THE PLOT? Fun-loving gals cruise the city.

IS THE CAR AN OLD CONVERTIBLE? Yes, with lead singer Belinda Carlisle at the wheel.

DO THEY STOP ALONG THE WAY? Yes, at a lingerie shop.

HOW DOES THE VIDEO BETRAY ITS AGE? Carlisle hadn't had any work done yet.


HOW DOES IT END? The gals frolic in a fountain, a scene that makes up for lack of other identifiable L.A. scenery.


SONG: "I Love L.A."
ARTIST: Randy Newman

WHAT IS THE PLOT? Ironic singer cruises the city with a "big nasty redhead" at his side.

IS THE CAR AN OLD CONVERTIBLE? Yes, with Newman at the wheel.

DO THEY STOP ALONG THE WAY? Yes, so Newman can dance with the nasty redhead.

HOW DOES THE VIDEO BETRAY ITS AGE? The nasty redhead's sunglasses; the presence of members of Toto.

Too many to mention; some (Disneyland and the Santa Monica Pier) go beyond the city limits.

Newman sticks out his tongue, furthering the debate about the sincerity of this song.


Salma Hayek is available again

The actress has broken up with the billionaire boyfriend who sired her child.

Thursday, July 17

Sean Tevis wants 9 bucks

He's running for state rep in Kansas, which won't directly affect the three readers of this blog. But it was worth 9 bucks to me to help prop up a challenger who seems to get it. Take a look, it's an amusing campaign at least.

That Obama

He sure talks good.

It'll be nice to have a smart feller in the White House again.

Now that's peculiar.

Zach, Tim and Eric in (nominally) an ad for a Vodka distillery:

Find more videos like this on aspecialthing

Tuesday, July 15

Sign 'o the Times

Pedal-by shooting in South Los Angeles.

Sarah Silverman is available again

The foul-mouthed comedian has broken up with Jimmy Kimmel of "Man Show" fame. Who will dare to ask her out next?

Sunday, July 13

Possible Dullard Feat of Strength

Moon a passing train in Southern California. Just don't get too crazy, or John Law will come down on you.

Wednesday, July 9

The very staid and proper New Yorker

Has a fairly ribald comics blog, this week featuring ascotted gadabout Chris Onstad of Achewood fame.

Possible Dullard Feat of Strength

Scale the New York Times building, like at least three guys have done in recent months.

Possible downsides:

— Getting arrested.
— Plummeting to your death.

Wednesday, July 2

So it went

Improbably, Kurt Vonnegut has a new book out. Newsweek has an excerpt.

Graydon Carter hates Christopher Hitchens

Boy, did he get punk'd....

We've got you covered

As detailed here and mentioned elsewhere on this blog, we Dullards love to talk about covers of songs. Here's more fodder for that ongoing conversation, with a Canadian twist:
  • The CBC lists the best, worst and weirdest covers of songs written by Canadians. Nirvana's version of "Seasons in the Sun" is mentioned.
  • Canadian rocker Neil Young offers "A Day in the Life" before a somewhat bemused audience in Spain. He uses his famous feedback to fill in the orchestral sections.

Tuesday, July 1

One more reason... vote for Obama. Change we can believe in!