Thursday, June 26

Wig out

Wigs for cats. Who woulda thunk?

Monday, June 23

Food of the 1970s

What did you eat in the 1970s, assuming you were alive and eating solid foods then? Here's a day in the typical '70s diet, as recalled by Dullard bloggers. Looking back, it's remarkable that we thrived.

Carnation Instant Breakfast
Count Chocula (or Life if you're on a health food kick)

Chef Boyardee spaghetti
Fruit cup
Hawaiian Punch

Hostess cupcake
Pop Rocks
Teem soda

Tuna casserole
French-cut Del Monte green beans
Tapioca pudding
Nestea instant iced tea

Hamburger Helper
Beef stroganoff
Liver and onions
Fondue (for swingin' grownups after the kids are in bed)

Sunday, June 22

George Carlin is no longer with us

The profane funnyman is dead at age 71. So it goes.

Read about the "seven dirty words." It's how he'd like to be remembered.

Saturday, June 14

Save the spin room!

The McCain campaign has proposed a series of "town hall" meetings with Barack Obama. The details are yet to be worked out, but they probably will be.

McCain says he doesn't want a "spin room" at these events. (That's the place where campaign minions offer their views to the media on how each candidate did.) We at the Gazette say the opposite: save the spin room, if only so Triumph the Insult Comic Dog can reprise his hilarious visit there.

Monday, June 9

Pour a true pint

Some establishments are cutting corners by thickening the bottom of pint glasses, resulting in less beer in the container and less in your belly.

This is just wrong.

Friday, June 6

Want to bum somebody out?

Send them this picture. Do not click on that link yourself. It will only bum you out.

Monday, June 2

Q&A with Hans Zimmer

The soundtrack specialist discusses "Batman" and how he was influenced by the Damned.