Tuesday, April 29

Music news

  • Roger Waters, playing the Coachella festival, endorses Barack Obama.
  • Lou Reed makes an honest woman out of Laurie Anderson.
  • Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Jack White pose for the cover of the Rolling Stone.

Thursday, April 24

Another Musical Endurance Test

See how much of this Beatles medley you can get through. Should be easy, right? Everyone loves the Beatles! The catch: performed by Cher, Tina Turner, and Kate Smith.

Wednesday, April 23

Monster Attacks!

But Blue Jeans Cable strikes back.

Scarlett Johansson - Listening Party

ATCO is streaming six cuts off her Tom Waits tribute record. They're more, um, not good than I thought they'd be.

If you're desperate for a Tom Waits covers record, the Holly Cole or John Hammond ones are pretty good.

Tuesday, April 22

Thursday, April 17

Vista isn't boss

This sort of thing does not help Microsoft's image of being laughably out of touch. It seems unlikely that any human has yet uttered the sentence, "Vista, gotta get me some."

No wonder some people are trying to save XP. Or they could just switch to Mac...

Tuesday, April 15

Up and Then Down

Perhaps the most interesting article about elevators you will ever read. Don't miss the oddly soothing time-lapse video of a man trapped in an elevator for two days.

Sunday, April 13

Weird funky yanking

This recent "Funky Winkerbean" offers some unpleasant imagery with its "just yanking ya" punchline. What is Tom Batiuk thinking?

Then again, we've asked similar questions before.

Tuesday, April 8

Colbert grills R.E.M.

Check out this interview that mentions Ratt, GM and a codpiece.

Monday, April 7

Darwin vs. Fish

What the hell is wrong with you people? In what way is evolution anti-religious? Evolution, archeology, astronomy, physics, et al, are not anti-religion when they encompass views that contradict the bible, the torah, or the koran. They are outside religion. Nothing to do with religion whatsoever.

If your belief system can't cope with the world of fact as we can best determine it, than either change your beliefs, or accept that you have a belief system not based on fact, but...faith. Which I think is the whole point of religion, isn't it? If you were looking for science to confirm everything in your holy books, you wouldn't really have any faith. You'd just have textbooks.

If religion has any value (and I'm not saying it does or doesn't) it surely exists outside the mundane world of facts. If you can reconcile: a faith that stresses personal responsibility for sin, possibly even those committed before you were born; the enormous spectrum of human misery and soft-jazz saxophonists; and an all-powerful, all-knowing creator then surely you can adapt to the idea of evolution being part of God's Great Plan.

Along with all those dinosaur fossils He hid in the ground to test your faith.

Fair Liz

Uber-MILF (and NYT book-reviewer) Liz Phair is releasing a deluxe version of her 1993 debut, "Exile in Guyville," and I'll probably buy the damn thing again. Only partly due to the picture in the linked Billboard article.

Sunday, April 6

Charlton Heston is no longer with us

Dead at 84, even as his famous lines live on. So it goes.

Nova declined comment.

Wednesday, April 2

Common errors in English

I'm willing to give up my disapproval of the pronounced "e" in "forte" if my lovely wife will concede that "different than" is just plain wrong. See more Common Errors in English from a Washington State perfessor.

R.I.P., someday

Jack Handey writes his own eulogy for the New Yorker.