Friday, September 1

LISTS: Ranking the "Entourage"

With HBO's "Entourage" floated as the successor to "Sex and the City," it's time to rank 'em like we do bands, on impact, originality and intangible coolness:

1. Johnny Drama: The show's best episodes (such as the one set at Comic-Con) prominently feature the struggling "Viking Quest" hero. The aptly named Drama is intense, insecure and unintentionally hilarious. Victory!

2. Turtle: His penchant for porn, X-Box and marijuana notwithstanding, the gang's designated driver works hard for whatever money — and respect — he can get. Turtle likes to give Drama and Eric grief, often with reason, but demonstrates loyalty and diplomacy as needed.

3. Vincent: He is ostensibly the "star" of the show, but Vinny is more cipher than hero. Vinny's essentially a good guy, even if his artistic stands tend feel forced. Is art-house actor really his career goal?

4. Eric: The voice of reason for the group can also be the whiniest when it comes to matters of love. Tiny E should be happy that Sloane (oof!) would give him the time of day. His sincerity in protecting and fostering Vince's career is nearly outweighed by his erratic decision-making in his own personal life.

5. Dom: Thankfully, this annoying character has been limited to a two-episode story arc — so far. Dom, as discussed earlier here, brings the show to a dead stop whenever he is on screen. He has all the vices of the other entourage members, but none of the redeeming charm. Plus, he stole Bruno Kirby's Shrek doll. Dom is the worst thing to happen to "Entourage," at least until K-Fed's cameo becomes reality.

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