Wednesday, August 23

'For Better' the Best?

This is redonkulus. I've never met anyone who even likes For Better or For Worse. It's Canadian for chrissakes. I'll take Henry over FBoFW any day. Hell, I'll take Funky Winkerbean over the tedious travails of Lynn Johnston's family of moon-faced Canucks.

Best comic currently running: Mutts. The meticulous drawing and inventive layouts more than make up for the frequent lack of actual jokes. Honorable mentions to Doonesbury for remaining relevant and even touching after 30-odd years, and to Get Fuzzy for being reliably funny, if odd-looking. I also kinda like Frazz, for some indefensible reason.

Best of all-time honors go to the unblemished jewel that was Calvin & Hobbes's 10 year run. There'd be no C&H without Peanuts, which was truly wonderful in its heyday, but didn't finish strongly. Old collections of Pogo are worth picking up, as well. And I also have an odd and abiding affection for Skeezix & co. over in Gasoline Alley.

Not making the grade: Dilbert and Boondocks both started strong but lost energy and direction after the first 3 years or so. The ever-popular Bloom County always seemed a little too directly "inspired" by Doonesbury and Douglas Adams for my taste, and someone needs to put Opus out of its misery, stat. Mallard Fillmore should be nuked while you're at it, as well, along with the usual suspects like Cathy and Garfield.

Pioneer Award: You have to give it up for Wil Eisner's Spirit, which had a huge impact on every comic book artist worth a darn.

Online Comic Award: Achewood, what else?

Single Panel Award: The Far Side (Sorry, Family Circus!)

Most in Need of Reviving, Preferably by Warren Ellis: The Outbursts of Everett True

Urk. I knew I was a funnybook geek, but didn't realize I cared so much about the dailies!

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