Monday, March 13

"The New Adventures of Old Christ"

That's what our on-screen guide read when we tuned in for the debut of "The New Adventures of Old Christine." Apparently the title is too long for it to handle. Alas, not even the Lord could find a laugh in this CBS comedy. "Christine" is the latest attempt by a cast member of "Seinfeld" to break from that show and establish a new identity. This time, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is back as a Prius-driving single mom who has to deal with her ex dating a woman also named Christine.

Hilarity, however, does not ensue. Louis-Dreyfus, apparently burned by the failure of the real-time and laughtrack-free "Watching Ellie," has settled for a run-of-the-mill sitcom. She's playing Elaine again, only a little more sad and a little less cute. The bland supporting cast doesn't help. The only thing remotely memorable about the show is the title, which rivals "Emily's Reasons Why Not" as among the most awkward in TV history.


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