Monday, March 20

My in-laws rock.

People complain about their in-laws all the time, but mine are really quite fun, and quite sweet people. And I'm not just saying that because this arrived in the mail from them today, as a belated (due to Amazon's increasingly pokey shipping) birthday present.

Calvin & Hobbes ranks right up there with Peanuts as the greatest acheivement in the funny papers. (Pogo and Doonesbury are fairly close behind. And for Andy's sake, we'll throw Henry and Ziggy in there, as well.) This collection is really quite amazing -- every strip from the 10 year run, in a beautifully bound, almost intimidating 3-volume set. It's the sort of thing I would always have wanted, but would have been unable to splurge on for myself. So having in-laws is a Good Thing, for me at least.

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