Monday, February 6

Super Bowl redux

GAME: A few trick plays by the Steelers in the second half made it entertaining, but overall, this was a sloppy game, riddled with false starts and instant-replay reviews. Of course, the team I was pulling for won, so that helped. Dullard rating: So-so.

ADS: Yeah, yeah, they're the reason you're supposed to watch even if you have no interest in football. It's remarkable how this idea has been sold to us: "If you do not watch these ads, you will be culturally adrift! Don't be an outcast!" The commercials themselves were pedestrian if not flat out boring, with the best of the lot probably the Leonard Nimoy bit for Aleve. Dullard rating: Sucked.

: The Rolling Stones were perhaps booked to give back some edge after Sir Paul's polite performance last year. They delivered a hits-friendly, predictable set of three songs. I was a bit surprised that they played a bluesy track from the new album (which no one cares about), but not at all surprised that ABC used the delay to nip out the naughty bits. Yet, when Mick took off his jacket to reveal his pasty, saggy arms, the lasting image was at least as disturbing as Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction from two years ago. Dullard rating: So-so.

Overall Dullard rating for Super Bowl XL: So-so.

Footnote: For those looking for a primer on so-called American football, the BBC has a good one.

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