Saturday, February 25

Mmmm, pie.

Florida lawmakers are finally getting down to the business of the people: deciding on the official state pie. But is it key lime or pecan? Panhandle legislators are saying that the key lime is stale, and they want pecan. South Florida solons are pushing for the key lime, not only for its taste but also its history.

: Can't we all get along? Pie is pie; it's all good. As any patron of House of Pies would tell you, it's hard to choose, but we'll try.

Pecan has gooey goodness, to be sure. Yet the key lime, with its mixture of tart and sweet, seems to better reflect the nature of the state. Plus, it's special: Several states across the Southeast would likely tout pecan as their pie, but no one but Florida can claim the key lime.

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