Wednesday, February 22

Bond Again

Sorry, this was worth a post rather than just a comment... I don't understand the angry fans boycotting Daniel Craig, as most of them think Brosnan was a good Bond. Ha.

Anyway, here is my take, best to worst:

Sean Connery: The best, especially in the first three.

Timothy Dalton: Awesome, awesome, awesome. Tall, dark, handsome, surly, angry. I'm not even sure that Connery could have been as convincing as Dalton was when 007 resigned from the British Secret Service and stood up to "M".

Roger Moore: I think he was great in his first two/three, then the writing and him just got too damn goofy.

George Lazenby: Not bad, but looked a little goofy. Of course, he had to wear a kilt and pretend he was goofy, even gay, for half the movie. But he was in the best James Bond movie ever, so it's hard to diss him. And he got to shag Diana Rigg (Mrs. Bond).

Pierce Brosnan: Too damn skinny and runs like a girl. Michelle Yeoh played a better Bond than him. And so did Halle Berry. The funny thing is that he played a far better Bond in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair.

I am hopeful about Daniel Craig. He's got enough of the villain in him to maybe play it a little more like Dalton, and enough suave to get some of the Connery back in it.

And of course I am going to go see the next James Bond. I'm a man, aren't I? Plus Vesper Lynd is in it, who the original Bond Martini is named after.

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