Wednesday, November 10

Vote Fraud, Finis

Time to move on. I think there may have been some outright fraud in Ohio and Florida (along with voter intimidation, etc.), but probably not enough to swing the vote to Bush. On the other hand, if they did win via fraud, it would be much smarter for them to swing the vote by a large margin than a small one, which would get more scrutiny Feeding the conspiracy beast is the evidence that it's the optical scan vote process that seems to be the hinkiest -- as though the touch screens were just a diabolical diversion.... It's an unsettling time to be a conspiracy enthusiast, to be sure....

Salon has a good final (for me, anyway) summary of the various voting anomalies, and why they don't add up to a Kerry win. Slate and the Yale Free Press have some further illuminating detail.

And that's that. Onward to 2008!

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