Thursday, November 4

Second (and Probably Last) Bush/Cheney2004 Victory Party Update

Here's an update on that Bush/Cheney victory party scam I was running, back when I though we were getting our contry back. Now I don't really see how to turn this into something funny. Anyone have any ideas?

Frank San Filippo to on Monday, Nov 1:

Hi Shirley,

I was sorry not to hear from you on Saturday, but I understand -- with that new bin Laden tape, you must have had a lot to do, figuring out how to best take advantage of it! A pretty big bonus for us, huh?

Anyway, if you tried to call since them, my wife has my cell phone, so I haven't gotten the message. I would still very much like to go to the celebration, though -- but forget what I said about my cousin. I just found out he got recalled to Iraq, and by some of the things coming out of his mouth, I don't think he's really on the right side anymore. Who invented this whole "back-door draft" nonsense, anyway, the Liberal Media? The guy signed a contract, he should honor it! Boy, sometimes when I see that left-wing Wolf Blitzer on my TV screen, I just want to beat him with both of my fists.


  • I finally got around to checking my voicemail on Tuesday, and Shirley had left a message in a pleasant, possibly English lilt, saying to call her.

Frank San Filippo to on Tuesday, Nov 2 when the exit polls all looked very strong for Kerry:

Hi Shirley,

I just got your voicemail message from the weekend. I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow -- if there is indeed a tomorrow for our beloved Grand Old Party. :_( It may just be Liberal Bias from that awful Wolf Blitzer (who I could just beat about the face and neck with both my fists!), but things aren't looking too good at the moment.

What happens if there's no victory to celebrate on Saturday?

No, we mustn't allow our thoughts to stray there. As a wise man once said, "Courage!"
F. to me on Wednesday, Nov 3:

Frank, call me 818-xxx-xxxx to me on Thursday, Nov 4:


And that's it, so far. I just haven't been in a laughing mood, and I can't imagine how to make something fun out of actually going to the party. Damn you Kerry/Edwards, you've not only let down half the nation, you spoiled what could have been an excellent prank!

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