Tuesday, November 16

Musical Notes

  • Picked up the recent CD-release of "The Name of This Band is Talking Heads," a two-disk concert recording featuring on the first disk the original quartet playing their more raw and punkish early music, and on the other, the "Stop Making Sense" super-group featuring Adrian Belew, Bernie Worrel, and other funk luminaries. This recording has been out of print for years, and the CD greatly improves on the cassette version I had, with suprisingly great sound quality, strong performances, and extra tracks. It's interesting to hear how polished the playing is on the earlier "raw" stuff without the studio pros of the later band -- and also, how funk-inspired the band was even in its CBGB days.

  • The Zutons' "Pressure" is being used in a Levi's ad. Their next album should be titled "Will Success Spoil the Zutons?"

  • Been meaning to do a review of sassy little Nellie McKay's record for six months now. I guess at this point we'll settle for a mini-review: Some damn clever lyrics for a 19-year old. Some delightfully goofy moments, and some nicely psychotic throw-away lines. But could have been pared down to one really good 40-minute record, rather than 2 uneven 35-minute ones. "Ding Dong" and "I Wanna Get Married" are particular favorites; the rap-infected [sic] "Sari" is an embarrassment. McKay may be worth keeping an eye on; or she may end up being this year's Imani Coppola.

  • For old-times' sake: William Shatner singing "Lucy in the Sky". I haven't picked up his new collaboration with Ben Folds, but otherwise sane people insist that it's brilliant.

  • For Jody: Eddie Murphy sings "Boogie in Your Butt".

  • Lastly, no one asked for this, goddamnit!

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