Wednesday, November 3

How 'Bout Them Lakers?

America just voted for Abu Grabe.
America just voted for the Patriot Act.
America just voted for Guantanamo Bay.
America just voted for The Pet Goat.

You or I may see this as an incomprehensible, narrow victory by Bush for a deeply divided electorate. I guarantee he sees it as an overwhelming endorsement of his last four years, and a blank check for the next four.

I'm walking wounded today, unable to process the smiley banter of coworkers discussing trivia and last night's Lakers game. It's sorta like the day after you find out your girlfriend has been sleeping around with half the straight guys in her opera company (a small, but circumstantially significant subset, to be sure) right under your nose, and you're just walking around and wondering why everyone doesn't feel as devastated as you do. And then you move to Canada.

Sorta like that.

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