Friday, October 29

Clipper Box Seats

A friend had tickets through her company to last night's Clippers/Suns game. It probably doesn't get much more pointless than a preseason Clippers game, but I jumped at the chance because (a) I have to find a team to root for this year, and (2) they were seats in the company box.

The company box is way cool, except for the dozen or so of her cow-orkers. (They were perfectly nice, I just don't like strangers. [Or most of the people I know, for that matter.])

So, you take a VIP elevator to one of the corporate box floors, and it's like you're suddenly in a Double Tree Inn, rather than a sports arena. The hallways are carpeted and there are taseful photographic prints on the walls, and it's oddly quiet.

It's a lot like watching the game from a hotel suite or your living room, if your living room happens to be missing a wall and is perched 200 feet above an NBA court. And has people catering in sandwiches and chips. You still have to buy your own $10 beers -- yup, stadium beer at hotel martini prices.

Finally, just to rub it in to all the plebians down on the floor (yes, I'm talking to you, Frankie Muniz -- whadda ya want, it's the Clippers, not the Lakers), everyone gets free cake.

It was nice to see Steve Nash play -- I think he may have a bit of a Kobe problem this year, as he seemed to be trying to win the game singlehandedly when he was on the floor. Once the Suns were up by 20 in the third quarter, the Clipper feckless started to trickle out, and most of the crowd ended up cheering on Yuta Tabuse, the Sun's 5'9" Japanese whirling dervish of a guard.

I don't know if I can really become a Clipper fan this year. Corey Magette is pretty fun to watch, and I think the Clippers have a good shot this year if they just work on their defense and scoring. Just those two areas....

On the whole, if someone offers you box seats to an NBA game, take 'em.

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