Monday, May 31

Honoring WWII vets

When doing so, be sure to look cool like these guys. That's how you pick up the chicks.

Friday, May 28

Pimp Cups - Personalized!

Sadly, no wedding registry on the site....

Maybe the current administration isn't the most evil in US history....

Quotes from just-released Kissinger archives.

Kissinger: "… she's very attractive. I hope she isn't a nice girl."

Barkley's Words on the Money

I like Sir Charles.


A guide to Vegas from the point of view of a cocktail waitress. I don't know why, but I find stories by people who have to serve the public interesting. Especially when they tell about how horrible people can be to wait staff, and the things wait staff do in retalliation. (The Vegas guide has some cheesecake photos that might not be Safe For Work.)

Thursday, May 27

Salon on the NYT

Great quote from an apparently still-deluded Judith Miller:

"You know what," she offered angrily. "I was proved fucking right. That's what happened. People who disagreed with me were saying, 'There she goes again.' But I was proved fucking right."

Wednesday, May 26

Posing as Gitmo Captive, G.I. Beaten

Receives brain injury.

Gore calls for resignations

from Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice, Tenet. It's long-winded and a bit dull (suprise!) but he's showing some fangs. I guess he's gonna be the attack dog for Kerry:

We simply cannot afford to further increase the risk to our country with more blunders by this team. Donald Rumsfeld, as the chief architect of the war plan, should resign today. His deputies Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and his intelligence chief Stephen Cambone should also resign. The nation is especially at risk every single day that Rumsfeld remains as Secretary of Defense.

Condoleeza Rice, who has badly mishandled the coordination of national security policy, should also resign immediately.

George Tenet should also resign.

DRAFT REGISTRATION: United States Armed Forces


In other friend news

McCluck is getting his car washed for free!

Another casualty of the Patriot Act

Artist detained, property and wife's corpse seized.


A knife is more macho than a pineapple.

Tim Moving

to work in Denmark.

Dullards duped!

Did Rumsfeld ban Iraq camera phones? | The Register

Tuesday, May 25



Since I'm getting married soon

Things My Girlfriend and I have Argued About -- funny list from an English computer-geek-turned-author. I've read his book by the same name, and it's not quite as funny as the site, but more portable.

Along a similar line, our friend Dennnnnise sent this in today.

I, for one, look forward to serving our Venusian overlords.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Venus clouds 'might harbour life'

Monday, May 24

If I were still a rich man, I'd buy W a motorcycle.

US asks for renewal of UN war crimes immunity

Nice timing.

Rumsfeld bans camera phones

Because it's the cameras that were the problem, not the torture....

Further directives from our Martian overlords

We'll all be getting on their 25-hour day schedule. Production of Martian wristwatches already begun.

Saturday, May 22

Rollercoaster kids gone wild!

Nutty Brits.

Banned album covers

That 'Butcher' cover is pretty amazing -- the Beatles, at the height of their success, put out a record cover with them covered in faux baby meat, just to say FU to their record company. That's ground-breaking rock 'n' roll.

As promised

Saudis looking to lower oil prices in time for the elections.

Friday, May 21

Punishment and Amusement (

This may be a pivitoal story. I post a lot of things that look bad for the US (because, as my political opponents will point out, I hate America), but this is really bad.

Four years ago, I was firmly in the "not much difference btw Reps & Dems" camp. Actually, after Googling myself in response to the Googlewars post, I realize I was saying that 10 years ago.

But I was as wrong as wrong can be. Wronger than teeth on a chicken. Can you imagine a soldier under Clinton saying this? Or Gore? Or Kerry?

"The Christian in me says it's wrong, but the corrections officer in me says, 'I love to make a grown man piss himself.' "

That shit's fucked up.

Hussein-Era Videos Released to Contrast Prison Scandal (


More Nick Berg stuff

Here and here.

No Goolejustice, No Googlepeace

Googlewar is fun. Some sample battles:

"Abu Ghraib" vs. "nick berg"
576,000 -- 862,000
"Oceania" vs. "Eurasia"
4,810,000 -- 732,000
"George W. Bush" vs. "dyslexic monkey"
4,600,000 -- 153
"Lakers" vs. "Timberwolves"
2,700,000 -- 841,000
"Joanie" vs. "Chachi"
232,000 -- 54,000
"Frank San Filippo" vs. "The Rest of the World"
89 -- 2,100,000

Our martian overlords may be REALLY tiny


New Details of Prison Abuse Emerge (

Double-plus Ungood.

Pelosi hates America, wants to help Saddam terrorize Iraqis

And Republicans apparently have an aversion to pastels. Who knew?

Frank Rich reviews Farenheit 9/11

Another rave. This is getting better advance press than 'Bowling for Columbine.'

A Dash of Comma Sense (

I guess George Will has given up on politics. Probably a good thing.

Sign of the coming apacolypse: Ice-T to produce Hasselhoff rap album

It can't get here quickly enough for me.

Thursday, May 20

Interview with a dork

No wonder our pal Laura moved to Portland.

Censorship in the classroom

Hey, I hate poetry as much as the next guy, but this just ain't right.

Shock the monkey!

These guys are better than seeing-eye dogs. Of course, most dogs are total idiots.

Stick it to Big Air!

OK, some of their complaints are a bit arcane, but it's a start in our battle against the airlines.

Wednesday, May 19

Jazz drummer Elvin Ray Jones dies at 76

He was a truly original voice. Miles' and Coltrane's 1960s music would not have been the same without him.

Just to give Jody the heebie-jeebies

I double-dog-dare you to click here.

OK, time to start thinking about why we love America

I'm getting a bit bogged down in all this negativity. So let's list things that we do love about our portion of the continent:

Uh. Lakers, dude.
And the weather.
(Those first two are really Los Angeles, but thanks to TV, Los Angeles really IS America in many ways.)
Comic books.
Citizen Kane.
And jazz. We invented that.
We could still pull off this whole 3-way division of powers, if the Fourth Estate wakes up and does their job.
Over 95% of our Presidents have NOT been plausibly implicated in war crimes.

Ah, there I go again.... Please, help me out in the Comments section, won't you?

Andy Kaufman Returns

Does this mean I can get my $7.50 back for sitting through 'Man in the Moon'?

TalkLeft: Pentagon Records Show Five Brutal Interrogation Deaths

"The general died 'of natural causes' during an interrogation." Not to get all David Bowie, but... This is Not America! : U.S. Helicopter Fires on Iraqi Wedding

Gah. 40+ dead.

Tuesday, May 18

Blast from the Past

Bush in 2000, on how he would bring down oil prices: "I would work with our friends in OPEC to convince them to open up the spigot, to increase the supply," Mr. Bush, the presumptive Republican candidate for president, told reporters here today. "Use the capital that my administration will earn, with the Kuwaitis or the Saudis, and convince them to open up the spigot."

Of course his friend the ambassador from Saudi Arabia, has already promised to lower oil prices right before the election....

Do politicians never learn?

From Watergate to Monicagate, you'd think they'd reallize it's not the initial offence so much as the cover-up that ends up biting you in the kiester.

Troops abuse Reuters reporters as well?


Kaplan on Abu Grabe @ Slate

Bush knew about it. Rumsfeld ordered it.

Jon Stewart Commencement Address

Funny guy.

At this point, I'm too old to flee to Canada

I mean, to be drafted. Hopefully, both our readers are, as well.

Fanatic fundamentalists trying to wrest control of the government

No, not in Faluja. Washington, D.C.

Morrissey loves L.A.!

Former Smiths frontman Morrissey is back, pimping his new release, "You Are the Quarry." The disc, the first in seven years from the Manchester mope rocker, drops this week.

Moz has exchanged dreary northern England for sunny SoCal, having lived in L.A. for the past eight years. Here's what he told Entertainment Weekly about his feelings toward his adopted city: "Well, it was never part of the general life plan. I just found myself staying. I had thought of Paris and even Florence, but I had never really thought of L.A. So it's very, very peculiar for me to still be here. The instinct is always to moan and complain and poke fun as everybody does, but obviously there are pleasantries. Certainly, the trees are beautiful."

We look forward to Moz's upcoming cover of Randy Newman and his possible appearance with Snoop at the next Lakers home game...

Saturday, May 15

The Republican party is teeming with bile-spewing hypocrites


Gwynnie gives birth!

The child, sired by Coldplay's Chris Martin, has an unusual name. Best wishes to the happy family!

Friday, May 14

Citizen's Arreyest! Citizen's Arreyest!

A bit of good political news

Yay! Supreme Court Won't Bar Start Of Mass. Gay Marriages

More fodder for 'In Search Of'

Paging Mr. Nimoy! - Mexican Air Force pilots film unidentified objects - May 12, 2004

I'll wait for the paperback.

Cool. Odd.

I'm glad we're having a Buddhist ceremony

I think I found our wedding treat.

Bizarre coincidence

Or "coincidence" if you're a conspiracy buff: New York Daily News - Berg, Al Qaeda linked before

Go Lakes!

I'm not even linking this to a story, because you either saw it already, or you just don't care. But, man if that game last night didn't sum up the season.

The Lakers: Just Good Enough. Still nine wins to go, but it's looking like Karl and Gary might get their rings, Phil can get number 10, and then Buss can dismantle the team.

Woo hoo!

Glad I'm not having a Catholic wedding this summer.

Here's one reason.

MSNBC - Photo may show intelligence officers in charge

It's becoming clear that the soldiers currently taking the heat for the Abu Grabe scandal weren't acting wholly on their own initiative. This photo shows a number of psy-ops guys standing around a collapsed prisoner, along with a translator and one of the soldiers being court martialed.

It's important that these soldiers still receive harsh penalties, in order to underscore for future US soldiers (and the rest of the world) that we don't accept "just following orders" as an excuse when it comes to war crimes. But it's looking like this activity was actively endorsed higher up the chain, and at the very least tacitly endorsed all the way up to at least Cheney and Rumsfeld. (There's technically one step above them, of course).


Thursday, May 13

Bush: the Picture of Racial Compassion

To be fair, he does have somewhat diverse (if incompetent) cabinet. And, he's on record as saying that brown-skinned people are capable of governing themselves.

Novelty hymens

Hmmm, I am getting married in a few months....

Al Qaeda not responsible for beheading?

I hadn't seen this anywhere else. CNN's translation of the video tape has no mention of al Qaeda, and that the voice of the executioner doesn't match Zarqawi's. Worth a read.

Something for the ladies

I am told they like this guy.

Kraken love!

A story from the depths that will warm your heart.

El Ron dissed in 'Bama!

A town has second thoughts about Dianetics.

Wednesday, May 12

CIA torture techniques too scary for the FBI, even

Things I learned from the NYTimes article:

1. There are other, secret facilities that are used for the real Al Qaeda guys. Not sure who all the whacky funsters at Guantanamo are.

2. They're building a new long-term prison at Guantanamo.

3. "Water boarding" is not as fun as it sounds.

Pens for Afghanistan

Something you can do.

McCain for Secretary of Defense?

It'll do, I guess.

Might as well be a doughnut.

It's pretty rambling, even for Mr. Vonnegut but worth a look. A new essay, entitled Cold Turkey.

McCain for VEEP!

I'm not the only one who likes the idea, apparently.

Tuesday, May 11

Congressman leaves nasty message for constituent.


Safe For Work

Unless you have a REALLY hi-res monitor.

McCain for VEEP!

It's not entirely clear whether McCain merely left, or walked out on this jackass, but it's clear that the administration's handling of the Iraqi prison scandal is driving the wedge a little deeper between former-POW McCain and the NeoCon faction of the Republican Party. Perhaps he'll reconsider vying for the vp seat on Kerry's ticket?

Kerry/McCain would probably be unbeatable, and would, I think, be a Good Thing.

It's going to get worse.

Yahoo! News - Video Shows Beheading of American in Iraq

I don't know how we can leave in a humane way -- if we just pull out, the country will devolve into chaos, and we undermine whatever strength we may still be able to project militarily. But if we staqy, things are going to get steadily worse for civilian Iraqis AND our military and "contractors."

I'm a bit of a pessimistic sort, so I hope I'm over-reacting as usual, but.... looks like a no-win situation to me. I certainly don't think our current leadership has the genius it would take to turn this around.



Just Trust Us

Really solid bit of op-eding from Krugman at NYT.

Monday, May 10

Malcom McLaren mashes the Zombies

This is interesting.

The New Yorker: Chain of Command

Important article by Seymour M. Hersh - Lynch: Pray for families of mistreated Iraqi inmates

What a good kid. And I'm just old (and, honestly, drunk) enough to call her a kid, but.... It would have been so easy for her to play along with BushCo's portrayal of her as a hero. Refusing to do that is just a bit heroic in itself.

Seriously: she's just a few years older than some of the kids in those Iraqi prisons -- some of those kids possibly (if rumors of the revelations in some of the forthcoming pictures are true) raped in those prisons by her fellow servicemen.

It sounds condescending, but I mean it with all respect due to her: she's a good kid. She'll be an incredible teacher someday.

In terms of teaching by example, she already is.

Sunday, May 9

Mother's Day Procolamation, Julia Ward Howe

Happy Mother's Day

Strong words from Bush on war crimes

"War crimes will be prosecuted, war criminals will be punished and it will be no defense to say, 'I was just following orders.' "

Although you have to consider the context....

Friday, May 7 : Excerpts of Rumsfeld Testimony

SEN. ROBERT BYRD, D-W.Va.: Why was a report that described sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuses by American soldiers left to languish on a shelf in the Pentagon unread by the top leadership until the media revealed it to the world?
Why wasn't Congress apprised of the findings of this report from the Defense Department instead of from CBS News?
Mr. Secretary, it was President Truman who was said to have displayed the famous sign on his desk: The buck stops here. I served with President Truman. He was an honorable man. He did not shirk his responsibility.
I see a very different pattern in this administration. I see arrogance and a disdain for Congress. I see misplaced bravado and an unwillingness to admit mistakes. I see finger-pointing and excuses.

Miss America

I really do.

Thursday, May 6

Rumsfeld should be fired....

...not allowed to resign, but-- if you're a petition-signing sort, have at it.

More Moore

Bet I'm the first one to use that headline.

My flagitious femme-fatale of a friend, Ms. Fay alerted me to this nugget from the Center for American Progress, indicating that perhaps Eisner, who is thisclose to being kicked out of the helm of the Mouse House, is not scared of Jeb-the-Governor so much as he's afraid of Jeb-the-Shareholder:

JEB BUSH CONTROLS 7.3 MILLION SHARES OF DISNEY STOCK: As governor of Florida, Jeb Bush serves as a trustee for the state employees' pension fund. That fund owns approximately 7.3 million shares of Disney stock. According to the Orlando Sentinel on 3/2/04, how the state votes those shares in board of director elections is "a closely watched decision with political as well as economic dimensions." In the last board election, in which Eisner ran unopposed, Jeb Bush and the other trustees symbolically withheld their support for Eisner. If the trustees were to continue opposing Eisner in future elections it could endanger his "two-decade reign at the top of the company."

If I still cared about baseball....

...I'd find this a little infuriating. But I don't.

Ok, maybe a little.

Language Log

More for the editors and English teachers who comprise most of the audience and authorship of this site.

Language as Signaling Mechanism

From Agoraphilia

<Sigh>. It's 53 pages.

Rumsfeld, on the Taguba report: "'When I'm asked a question as to whether I've read the entire report, I answer honestly that I have not. It is a mountain of paper and investigative material.'"

Couldn't possibly be politically motivated....

Bush to Toughen U.S. Policies Toward Cuba (
I don't get it -- his brother will "take care of" the Florida vote, so why pander to the Cuban community in So. Fla.?

Is there a website anywhere that shows approximate troop deployment around the globe in a graphical manner? I'm starting to lose track.

Presidents really should be screened for ADD....

This is especially rich: "Bush said he also is encouraging steps to promote human rights on the island."

How about starting with Guantanamo Bay!

More Photos

New Prison Images Emerge (

Followup: GI Rape Photos Came from Porn Sites

Looks like the reports of GIs raping women prisoners were false, after all. The pictures, republished in a few Arab newspapers, originally came from two American and Hungarian websites,
Iraq Babes and Sex in War (link not entirely safe for work). So we only have a few instances of diddling with broomsticks and/or light sticks, and a teenage male raped in prison, but no women. So we got that going for us....

He nailed it!

It's amazing this guy lived. I wonder if he is a Trent Reznor fan.

Evildoers in Mayberry!

OK, in Raleigh. But to the Nick at Nite people, they're the same thing.

Tuesday, May 4

Tip of the iceberg?

3rd graph from the bottom of this MSNBC report on US war crimes: "New questions about U.S. troops’ conduct came to light Tuesday when the Egyptian newspaper Al-Wafd published four photographs appearing to show U.S. soldiers raping at least two women and forcing them to give oral sex, one of them at gunpoint."

I hope this isn't true.

Woo hoo! Senator Smalley! - Franken says he's more likely than not to run for U.S. Senate in '08

Babes Doing the Torture in Iraq

Should be titled Rush: Hitting the Pipe Again: "Folks, these torture pictures with the women torturers, I mean Marv Albert looking at those pictures would say, 'Hey, that doesn't look so bad.' You know, if you really look at these pictures, I mean I don't know if it's just me but it looks like anything you'd see Madonna or Britney Spears do on stage. "

Yet more Laker hatin'

This column is actually good news for L.A. fans in a backward, "SI Jinx" sort of way.

Monday, May 3

Mob Experts Comment on The Sopranos

Pretty interesting if you follow the Sopranos.

'Matrix' co-creator ready to be whole new woman

This will have Critical Studies majors busy for a few years. Puts a new spin on that whole "waking up from a world of lies and illusion" thing....

Media Matters for America

Media Matters for America

Sorry, Frank...

The media are hatin' on your precious Lakers...