Friday, April 30

Coalition of the willing

BBC: UK troops in Iraqi torture probe

pix of Iraqis tortured

This is really wrong. I hope all the smiling soldiers in these pictures are court martialed and jailed for the rest of their lives.

First rule of patriot act?

Don't talk about Patriot Act.

W. a former spook?

I love conspiracy theories. And as our journalist dullards will point out, this ain't A-grade Reporterin'. But it does provide an interesting explanation about why his superiors in the TANG let Bush get away with so much apparent shirking.

The Secret History of George W Bush

Thursday, April 29

Andy's local ABC affilliate pulling Nightline on Friday

Kudos to Nightline for putting names and faces to the soldiers lost in combat in Iraq. I was just remarking to Jody that that football player is really the first name/face the public has been shown as a casualy of this (literally) misguided war.

Did Scalia flunk high school Civics?

Has this guy never heard the phrase "Checks and balances?" Would he be this sanguine about executive privilege if a Dem were in the White House?

"I think executive privilege means whenever the president feels that he is threatened, he can simply refuse to comply with a court order," Scalia told Morrison in one exchange. "He has the power … to say, 'No, this intrudes too much upon my powers. I will not do it.' " The justice added that the president should not even be forced to fight the issue before a judge.

From Yahoo! News - Justices Appear to Support Cheney Task Force Secrecy

U.S. reservists accused of prisoner abuse in Iraq

I'd like to think this is an isolated incident.

But I don't.

Wednesday, April 28

Free Gift!


Rushdie cheats death, bags hot wife!

Nice reference in this article to the "lean fatwa years." But they should have followed up with something about a "big fat Hindu wedding."

Tuesday, April 27

The White House bends science to its will

Fairly scathing (for them) editorial in Scientific American.

Is it wrong...

...that the text of this suit fills me with mirth?


I <heart> Darwinism.

Because it works.

Schrodinger's cat died.

Or did he...?

Dark Dungeons

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but Jody and I bought some D&D books last week.

Evil comes in many guises

She looks so middle-america-grandmothery, it's easy to forget Karen Hughes is Ten Minutes from Satan.

Monday, April 26

Grammar quiz

Link to quiz disabled because it seemed to infect Jody's PC w/a virus.

I am a:
Grammar God

Grammar God!

Only in LA....

Enough Bush-bashing for one day. Here's a silly Hollywood story.

Don't forget

This Thursday, Apr. 29th is National Party for the President Day! In honor of the president, why not take a vacation day? Give some money to a rich friend? Tell a bunch of lies? Or just do something really incompetent, endangering the lives of others.

These folks won't make it to the party, sadly....

Horrifying pix from Iraq

Really disturbing. I'm not kidding, severed limbs-type disturbing. Only view if you need a reminder that this is an actual war, and that it horrible.

Sunday, April 25

JIM CARREY and J. LO -- true superstars!

It's a movie marketer's dream when the movie's star and title can be linked with "is" -- often with a dramatic pause in TV and radio spots. Example: Ron Perlman is ... "Hellboy"! Sometimes it can even work in the plural: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle and some other guys are ... "Ocean's Eleven"!

And no actors are better suited for this pitch than Jim Carrey and J. Lo. Just about all of their fine films work this way. To wit:

Jim Carrey is...

"Once Bitten"
"Ace Ventura: Pet Detective"
"Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls"
"The Mask"
"Dumb and Dumber"
"The Cable Guy"
"Liar Liar"
"The Truman Show"
"Man on the Moon"
"Me, Myself and Irene"
"The Majestic"
"Bruce Almighty"
"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

Jennifer Lopez is ...

"Out of Sight"
"The Cell"
"Enough" (my personal favorite)
"The Wedding Planner"
"Maid In Manhattan"
and, of course, "Gigli"

Thursday, April 22

Best. Url. Ever.

By all that is holy

Bush plans world recruitment drive to arm for peace

Here's a good plan. Spend well over a half-billion dollars to train soldiers in one of the most politically voltile regions on the planet, soldiers with no direct allegiance to the US, so that we can use them as cannon fodder in "peace operations," circumventing the U.N. entirely. Well, at least the administration won't have to report them as U.S. casualties....


Wednesday, April 21

Husker Dos and Don'ts

Bob Mould, of all people, offers diet tips.

A report from the front.

The livejournal blog of one of our Marines.

Whatever your stance on the war, it's important to be reminded that those soldiers aren't statistics, they're our neighbors. And it sounds like we're doing them and ourselves an enormous disservice by allowing too much of this war to be outsourced to war profiteers like Dick Cheney's Haliburton.


Taxpayers unwittingly paying for Republican National Committee's propaganda

Wednesday, April 14

For my pal Ange

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Statements from Last Night's Presidential Press Conference

10. "This has been tough weeks in that country."

9. "I'm afraid they want to hurt us again."

8. "I changed the way that the relationship between the president and the CIA director."

7. "The report itself, I've characterized it as mainly history. And I think when you look at it, you'll see that it was talking about a '97 and '98 and '99."

6. "They're not happy they're occupied. I wouldn't be happy if I were occupied either."

5. "Some of the debate really centers around the fact that people don't believe Iraq can be free; that if you're Muslim, or perhaps brown-skinned, you can't be self-governing or free."

4. "You know, I just -- I'm sure something will pop into my head here in the midst of this press conference, with all the pressure of trying to come up with answer, but it hadn't yet."

3. "I hope -- I don't want to sound like I have made no mistakes. I'm confident I have. I just haven't -- you just put me under the spot here, and maybe I'm not as quick on my feet as I should be in coming up with one."

2. "This is a war against people who have no guilt in killing innocent people."

1. "I don't plan on losing my job."

Evil doers do evil things. That's why they're evil doers.

Trust, Don't Verify - Bush's incredible definition of credibility. By William Saletan

Sunday, April 4

Friday, April 2

Larry David for Veep?

What a mighty good man

"You can't fly in on an aircraft carrier and declare victory and have the deaths continue. You can't do that.'' Check out which
left wing hatchet man had the audacity to say that!