Wednesday, March 31


Reason #12579 why Bush must be removed from office.

The Two Things

The Two Things about composing music:
1. A pencil has two ends.
2. The pink end is the most important.

The Two Things about Buddhism:
1. See things as they are.
2. When you finish breakfast, wash your dish.
3. Avoid dualistic thinking.

Monday, March 29

I for one look forward to serving our Martian Overlords

Holy Moley! It looks like there are Martians. Really tiny Martians, but still....
Pretty insightful and funny:
The Two Things

Includes the only two things you need to know about a variety of subjects, including Star Trek:

The Two Things about Star Trek:
1. Don't beam down in a red shirt.
2. You can always talk evil computers into destroying themselves.
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